The history of the KIFE logo starts in 1986 when I was helping District 8 of the Pennsylvania Trappers Association (PTA) plan for their 50Th anniversary rendezvous. At this time I was also the Special Project chairman for the York chapter of Ducks Unlimited (DU). DU York was selling hand made pine shotgun shell boxes depicting the four major duck hunting rivers in PA. Donovan Van Druff a wildlife artist from York was ask to design the box for the 50Th Anniversary of the PTA. This shotgun shell box was donated for the PTA’s open auction at the rendezvous. The box was purchased by AL Holencik of District 12 PTA.

Fast forward to approx 2006 I was working at the Tobyhanna army base and had the opportunity to visit with Nancy and Vince Megargel to find that Vince was the proud owner of the 50Th anniversary box purchase from Al Holencik.Two years later Vince passed away and I was given the box by his widow Nancy, so I guess what goes around comes around.

InĀ 2010 I ask Donovan Van Druff to design a shotgun shell box for the 75TH Anniversary of the PTA (2012) and at that time I secured permission from Donovan to use the 50TH Anniversary box design as the KIFE logo. The KIFE board agreed to use the design at one of its first meetings.

Jerry Pickel – VP of KIFE