Mission Statement

Keystone Institute for Furbearer Education, known as KIFE, was founded for the purpose of providing resources for educating the public about proper wildlife conservation through trapping. We feel the wise use of furbearers as a renewable resource for public enjoyment and consumption now and in the future, is a critical area for sustaining healthy animal populations. By educating the public on the understanding and acceptance of this principle, we will ensure the purpose of this institute.

Our primary goal is education.  There are many tools and resources that can be used. One of the long-term goals is the development of a property as an educational center.  This facility may be used for historical purposes, preservation purposes, such as a museum, and as an interactive educational center with classrooms, as well as an outdoor center offering different environmental habitat areas.  This property may also be used as a research facility for studying furbearers and their habitat.

For many decades, Pennsylvania has been a leading promoter of the wise use of fur-bearing resources.  Through continuing education and research we will strive to identify and maintain the best management practices in the future.